Introducing the Revolutionary Nano Fertilizer

The modern approach to fertilizers is here — Nano fertilizers are a cutting-edge advancement in agriculture, that are small in particle size, though big in function. This formulation of fertilizers at the nanoscale, typically within the range of 1-100 nanometers, transforms the conventional approach to nutrient delivery and uptake in plants. This tinier size means they have a lot more surface area, making it easier for plants to absorb the nutrients. These tiny particles can also hold nutrients and release them slowly, ensuring plants get a steady supply. They can be aimed at specific parts of the plant, delivering nutrients right where needed. This groundbreaking technology is helping farmers grow plants better, with reduced waste of nutrients and less intensive farming methods.


IFFCO Nano DAP is a nanotechnology based revolutionary Agri-input that provides nitrogen and phosphorous to plants. As a sustainable option for farmers, Nano DAP provides smart agriculture and combats climate change.

Nano DAP is bio-available to plants because of its desirable particle size (<100 nm), more surface area and more particles per DAP prill.

IFFCO Nano Urea

Nitrogen is an essential component for crops to thrive and produce better-quality grains. To supply plants with optimal Nitrogen, Nano Urea is a Nanotechnology based Agri-input that ensures suitable growth at a fraction of the cost.

As a potential component of 4 R nutrient stewardship, it is hailed for its precision and sustainable agriculture.